Andy N, «of a stuttering train» -poetry

Noir Scene

For only a few seconds
He was stood outside
Next to where she waited
In the heart of the moonlight,
Peeling back her unknown promises
Behind the hiss
Of a stuttering train
In a mystery of bleached hair,

And bright red lipstick
Tangled up in each others footsteps
On a uneven texture
In the mist
Before tossing her cigarette
Back into the
Middle of the river,

And with it
The last remaining evidence
Of the crime
They’d just committed
In black and white.

Refugee from the Past

The hills that followed her
To the edge of the waves
Followed her like a keyhole to a door
And the waves that kissed her feet
Reminded her of her long dead cat.

The stars turned into bush fires
Mirroring the blue like breeze
Before declaring war with the sunrise
And the sand stuck to her hair
Like a refugee from the past,

And the slight fog which disappeared
As she walked slowly into the waves
Washing away her demons,

Like a spider cutting away
From it’s own web.

Land’s End

Over the cliff I can see
The sea choking itself
Before scattering itself
Over the rocks.

I can see the sun
Jumping up and down
The tip of the horizon
And it’s rays
Drawing the waves in
Like mermaids,

Swaying across broken flowers
And dense, un-scattered sand
Before bleeding countlessly
On the bay
In a blood soaked sunset.

Arrow drive
At Land’s end.


©Andy N
photo©Stratos Fountoulis, Gare du Midi5 –Bruxelles, 2009

Andrew Nicholson has published in a variety of online and paper magazines such as Other Voices Poetry, Kritya, Thanalonline, Taj Mahal Review, Remark, Unquietdesperation, Spleen, Undone since 2006. He has published in several collections ‘Emergency Verse’ and ‘Robin Hood’, (Both published by therecusant) ‘Spleen’ and, ‘Best of Manchester Poets Volume 1’ and 3 (Puppywolf Press) to name but five.

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