Anthony Arnott, poetry

Call off the search

Daylight dies
into dusk
into night
much more quickly
when it’s

Poor souls have similarly
hope and batteries to light
up the night, fighting the
ever-growing fear
their angel will forever
be that age.
Rage, vacant panic boils,
cracks into
one solitary cry,
anguished prayer
disguised as
a wail.

Torch illuminates blades
upon blades, as
she, on her knees,
curses the days she
for granted and,
to herself, her palms,
the stars and beyond,
she swears
that she will never
rest again.

Rolling the dice

I read my horoscope today.
And, as ever, took it with a salt-pinch.

Read about the moons and
the end of the month, hoping it would come true,

but forgot all about
it once I’d

turned the page.

The town that might have been

On the train,
I rolled through
the town that might have been.

The sky was calm
and hurt,
as it only reminded me of opportunities missed.

The sun,
a low bulb,
was bearable to look at
and I had to tell myself that,
if I’d chosen this town,
it wouldn’t always be this lovely.

I always thought of telling
the town that might have been
how close it actually was to being,
but never thought it would do any good
to either of us.

In its station,
I almost expect the town to be there,
on the platform,
waiting for me,
ready to pull me from the train
and into its arms.
But, it never is.

The town that might have been exists
in a parallel universe.
I only pass through.
I can never stay.

©Anthony Arnott
photo by © Stratos Fountoulis, «Coffee varieties» Edmonton, Canada, 2012

Anthony Arnott lives in Jarrow, South Tyneside, and works as an English teacher. In April 2013, his collection, The Genius who drank all the milk, was released. This was the follow-up to his August 2011 debut, Behind Barcodes, both of which were published by erbacce-press. For two years, he was a Poetry Editor for The Black Market Review.
He has also had work published in Peggy’s Blue Skylight, First Edition Magazine, Question Mark, The Journal, Streetcake Magazine, Why Vandalism? Journal, Broken Wine, Mud Hutter Express, The Delinquent, Turbulence Magazine, Fade Poetry, Camel Saloon, The Tower Journal, Message in a Bottle Magazine, Bareback, Bad Robot, Asinine Poetry, The Artistic Muse, Black Magnolias Literary Journal, Astronaut Magazine, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Inclement and Century 121, as well as in anthologies such as The Strand Book of International Poets 2010, Liquid Gold and Sculpted Anthology.
A keen reader, Anthony has read in support of Jerome Rothenberg and has had fifty-word stories published in 50 to 1 and Postcard Shorts.