Iulia Gherghei, “for a lifetime under a street lamp” –poetry

The infinite mirrors of Ocean

Why do we call this planet Earth
when it is the vast waters that gave him the colour
no matter where you look a tide
will answer the moon call
a breeze will caress the seagull wing
a blade of sand will sting a thirsty eye

Where else but at the shore we will meet
the horizon line uniting sky and ocean vastness
a kiss in the infinite mirrors
a taste of no boundaries
a fear that the next tide
will slap and crumble all your certainties

When if not in the middle of storm
God becomes a dry shirt
a farewell tear
a letter never to be mailed
a list of sons abandoned at the shore

Again calm waters, little joyful waves
enormous blue wearing a sky
breeze to comb my curly hair
Ocean, the moon lover, you,
hung my star in your tide!


Sighisoara- medieval dream

I don’t seem to remember
how many times we’ve been to the medieval city
I don’t seem to remember
how many guitars we listen soaked in alcohol stench
how many victims we’ve made with our burst in laughter
walking on the summery, medieval streets
climbing the stairs to nowhere, to the uphill tombs
sleeping on grass under a sky
showing no interest to our debauchery
beer, more beer, more laughter
long nights with strangers met a year ago
suddenly friends for a lifetime under a street lamp
we talk till the dawn itself had fallen asleep
till I don’t seem to remember
how many times the clock from the tower stroke
the midnight over my chevaliers’ story…
Do not dare…



I will have more rights than you
the air must land on my lungs first
the land must caress my feet with its dust….
my dust, to be fully understood… first
you….you with your height equally to the worm’s
you’ll stick your destiny to my boots’ sole
and let me tell you
I will totally enjoy crushing entire nations into my jaws
Do not dare ask me why
Do not dare cry
Do not dare shade this land
Eat your tear cause you lost
You’ve just become my compost
stay put when I cross the street,
The river that once flooded your grains
it is now tamed to ruin your roots 
your land no longer exist
Do not dare ask me why
Do not dare cry
Do not dare shade this land
Eat your tear cause you lost
You’ve just become my compost.

©Iulia Gherghei
Photo by Stratos Fountoulis, 2013

Iulia Gherghei, an amateur poet from Romania, graduated from University of Bucharest, Technology of information. She published her poems mostly on facebook and in the anthologies edited by Brian Wrixon, Barry Mowles, Mutiu Olawuyi! In 2012 she published her first book » Prisoners of Cinema Paradiso» at blurb.com, edited by Brian Wrixon.